Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A few cool plants

Walking through the garden…I couldn’t help but notice some understated, unassuming plants that I just love!

Nashika Willow:

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Nashika Willow enjoys part sun/part shade…it has an interesting and airy branch structure.  It’s white and green variegated leaves add a pop of color and it has small blooms in spring…

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Lady’s mantle…is a low growing perennial.  It fills in nicely to create a sort of ground cover or border feature.  She’s my kind of lady because she prefers a little sunshine…

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And no shade garden is complete without the stately Solomon’s seal…(on the left) It grows tall and proud and it’s white variegated leaves provide a beacon of light for the dark shade garden.  It’s dainty blooms are just delightful…

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None of these plants are as showy and fragrant as the lilacs about to burst into bloom…but they have a quiet well-deserved place in the garden…beyond May :)

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