Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lawn Care: 2 methods – 3 steps

Fight, Feed & Seed for Spring

A few tips to keep in mind for your lawn in early spring:

FIGHT weeds now:

-  Early spring is the optimum time to prevent crabgrass! Crabgrass will germinate when the soil temperature reaches  approximately 60 degrees...so apply your crabgrass preventer now

FEED your lawn:

-  Fertilizing your lawn now will provide lusher, greener grass for bare feet in summer

SEED your lawn:

-  Spring is also a good time to repair patches or overseed your lawn.


GO ORGANIC – here’s how…

FIGHT weeds now:

-  Even organic gardeners dislike weeds!! Applying a natural weed blocker on the lawn now will 'smother' weeds like crabgrass, dandelions and other annaul weeds. Corn gluten meal is a common choice for organic gardeners. Well, that and a spade!!!

FEED your lawn:

-  Fertilizing organically can be done using a number of products and methods also.  The key to a healthy organic lawn is good, healthy soil.  Aeration is hugely beneficial in spring.  Following aeration, try a compost dressing or tea.  You can also purchase bagged fertilizers such as milorganite or Nature Guard's Soil Activator.

SEED your lawn:
-  Seeding is very important in organic lawn care.  The more healthy grass thrives, the less room weeds have to invade.  Plant a mixed crop of grasses, so that if one or two varieties fail, the other varieties can fill in instead of weeds. 

You can combine Fight, Feed, and Seed with other green practices.  Raise your mower blade, let grass clippings compost onto the lawn, water more thoroughly less frequently.

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