Friday, March 26, 2010

A peek at the Chicago Flower and Garden Show

Right away I noticed tulips and hyacinths tucked into every kind of landscape!  I L-O-ve this!!! In the northern tundra we wait soooo long for spring to bloom.  Spring bulbs give us color before our shrubs and perennials have warmed up for the season.  The whole left from spring bulbs is the perfect place to fill in annuals for color punch the rest of the season…

Another trend that I L-O-ve was the frequent use of kale and purple cabbage.  Again, I L-O-ve this because it lends cool-tolerant color for early spring and late autumn.  Flower show & Kane County 046

This picture shows cacti…but replacing it with kale would be a really great statement especially for early spring or late fall!! Flower show & Kane County 038

My favorite is always LUCIOUS containers!!!

Dusty Miller is a fun surprise here…Flower show & Kane County 065

The boxwood is a great backdrop for this colorful mix of bulbs, annuals, and trailing vines…

Flower show & Kane County 050

This monochromatic scheme brings elegance and tranquility --- plus it can be over-wintered indoors…prolonging your investment

Flower show & Kane County 054

The Green Thumbers floral team started talking in January about the importance of botanicals in arrangements this year…and guess what….they were right on!!!!  (No surprise though:) )

Flower show & Kane County 064

Flower show & Kane County 041 

Hope you are inspired…it’s time to start getting dirty hands!!!!

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