Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Simple Seed Starting

A great way to enjoy SPRING and save money is growing your own plants from seeds!

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This is a great project to do with children!! They learn not just from the process, but also from knowing where there food comes from…

Here’s a look at some very easy seeds to start.

Start with a simple plastic growing flat with a dome… Blog 081

Dr. Earth made it very easy to start seeds ORGANICALLY this year!!!

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(Click the pic for more on Dr. Earth)

Step 1: Use a high quality potting soil and mix in 2 tablespoons of Dr. Earth ORGANIC fertilizer with one quart of soil.Blog 086

Fill each cell to about 2/3 with mixture Flower show & Kane County 001

Drop Seeds into mixture

Flower show & Kane County 003

Cover lightly with a dusting of more soil mixtureFlower show & Kane County 002

Label cells according to seeds planted

Flower show & Kane County 004

Water thoroughly

Flower show & Kane County 006

Cover with dome and set in warm, sunny window…

Flower show & Kane County 007

The inside of the dome should become moist after a few days. Just about the time you have forgotten about it…you will have little sprouts coming up just like ours!!

We L-O-ve Dr. Earth!!

Check back soon to find out what to do next, but right now…grab a friend or your family and START SOME SEEDS!!!

Stop into The Green Thumbers for a FREE magazine about organic growing and vegetable garding complements of Dr. Earth :)

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