Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Chores in the Sunshine

I’m sure the warm weather has gardeners all over the Quad Cities just itching to get their hands dirty!  The feel of the warm sun on our skin and the beckoning of empty forlorn containers beckon to be played with, fill up, and fussed over…

Although I hate to think about it and spoil the fun…it is still too early for most beautiful blooms…however, all due respect given to the hyacinths, daffodils, tulips and iris sprouting their pretty green heads as eager to start the season as we are!

A few ideas on “safe” garden chores during this time of ‘EARLY SPRING’.

Pull out pots of tender plants that have been over-wintered.  Trim back growth, celebrate signs of green like these chives!!  Give a little water and put them in a sunny window to prepare them for going back outside very soon!!!

The Green Thumbers 001

There’s always plenty of sidewalk and patio clean up!!The Green Thumbers 003

Do not get too eager to remove debris from all beds unless you are going to lay a thick mulch right away…

The natural mulch of nature that we call debris is a warm winter blanket for tender perennials, but there’s always one of these to pull!!!The Green Thumbers 017

It’s also good to make notes of upcoming spring projects to be done…

I spotted this creeping charley…and need to pick up some Weed Free Zone at The Green Thumbers for an application when it’s a bit warmer…

The Green Thumbers 018

It’s also a wonderful time to prune overgrown shrubs like this barberry and other summer to fall blooming shrubs…

BE SURE NOT TO CUT SPRING FLOWERING SHRUBS like lilacs!!! The Green Thumbers 021 The Green Thumbers 022

Pull out a few garden accessories to perk your mood…The Green Thumbers 002

Uncover tender plants covered in the garden like this 1st year Japanese maple…The Green Thumbers 012

Leave trunks wrapped until after Easter though to protect from winter sunburn.The Green Thumbers 013   

It’a a great time to cut back ornamental grasses also! Leave about 1/3 of the brown stalks to support the height of new growth.The Green Thumbers 005 

Celebrate every little sign of green sprout!!!!   

The Green Thumbers 025


  1. Isn't it always great to start the gardening process all over again? I know I love it.


  2. Everything seems so quiet and still...even kind of dull...but there is so much waiting to burst out just under the surface --in the dirt!!:)