Monday, March 8, 2010

Well Said with Walligraphy as seen on Paula Sands

Flower show & Kane CountyA picture paints a thousand words they say…but sometimes you just need a few words to share the heart of your home…

Most people are becoming at least a little familiar with vinyl wall words – have you tried it yet?

It is such an easy way to bring punch to any room.

You can use wall words on a variety of surfaces…mirrors as seen on the TV demo today (March 8th) on Paula Sands for The Green Thumbers. But also on old windows, flower pots, buckets, cabinet doors and anything else your creative mind can scheme…

Every home should have some entry welcome or ‘warning’ !

I offer both at my home :)

For my visitors…Blog 054

For my boys…Blog 056

Many great phrases are offered in store at The Green Thumbers…we can also set up customization by emailing me (see profile).

Hope you enjoy the demo and pick out a great place to share the heart of your home…

A few tips:

- Lay your lettering out flat for easier installation.

- The smoother the surface, the better the finished decal will look

- Use a flat tool (even a credit card) to smooth out the letters

- It peels off the wall later, so it’s great for renters or people like me who L-O-ve change!

- Think outside the ‘wall’…flower pots, doors, sides of bath tubs…almost anywhere!

GREAT GIFT IDEAS personalized from The Green Thumbers

Picture frames and wall art

It is FUN, FUN, FUN to design your own

You don’t even have to commit to the design right away..

You can save your design online…

Click on any of the pictures to HAVE FUN NOW:)

Please tell me if you enjoyed the site and include a note that you found it here if you order!! Have fun – I hope you L-O-ve it!!!

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